A dad you have to meet

by mssinglemama on November 9, 2010

So, there’s this client.

Who happens to be an attorney. I know. An attorney. A lawyer.

We all have our stereotypes, right? And I used to have mine about lawyers. Those terrible, big mean guys who wreck havoc on the world and make everyone paranoid about lawsuits and depositions and, well–my knowledge of what lawyers really do stops there. Fortunately, until Ken, the only lawyer I have ever had to work with was my divorce attorney.He was nice enough and helped me out when I needed someone to guide me through the legal process. Other than him I have had very few interactions or relationships with real attorneys (unless you count Law & Order).

When Ken first called me, and he doesn’t know this yet, I was hesitant about working with him strictly because of his lawyer status. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and kept taking his calls… and then I fell in love with his idea.

As a child injury lawyer, Ken represents families whose children have been injured or killed due to negligence on someone’s or a company’s part. He didn’t want to create your typical lawyer site (most are hideous), instead he wanted to create a valuable tool for parents. Child injury is really so frightening to even think about but after seven months of working with Ken I have realized that if, God forbid, something happened to Benjamin–I would want someone like him in my corner.

We try to mix it up on his blog, striking a balance between recalls of dangerous products and child safety tips with more personal blog posts.

This week he sent me an e-mail with a post to publish that was so incredibly sweet I even got all choked up.  The attachment was a scanned copy of an essay from his son. I know it will be hard to read for some of you because the father of your children may not be in your lives, or not there on a regular basis. But read this letter because it’s something to work for, to add to the requirement list for the men you date–finding a father who truly loves being around his children.

Sometimes I think, if you haven’t had an amazing father or an amazing father for your children–it must be hard to know what to look for.

Enjoy this and pass it along. Because the world needs more Kens.

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