My little monster.

by mssinglemama on November 1, 2010

After one week of being sick on his butt with the flu Benjamin insisted on being Darth Maul from Star Wars.

Coincidence? Or Benjamin’s inner self trying to tell me something. After being completely pampered back to health by Mommy he has morphed into the Dark Lord of Demands.

Now, I have to kick myself back out of sick kid mode Mommy into my normal, independence fostering self.

“No, Benjamin, you need to get the shoes out of the closet yourself and no, I am not going to tie them.” Little things like that – they add up and I just hope I’m adding or subtracting in the right places.

Ever fear you may be creating little monsters?

Not evil people, just little guys or girls who are either too dependent on us (ie spoiled) or far too independent (ie neglected). Yikes.


Every night before bed I read Benjamin a story or two. These are just a few of our favorites. I wanted to share because they are each absolutely sweet tales of conquering inner monsters.

Engelbert Sneem and the Dream Vacuum Machine is only $5.47 on Amazon.

I’m not sure how the world missed this book. I found it at Half Price Books. The illustrations alone are absolutely beautiful and the story is just as wonderful. Engelbert steals dreams from children while they sleep only to realize that he has become a nightmare.

Another Half Price Books find, Moonpowder by John Rocco, is only $6.40 on Amazon.

Wow. Another book the world has missed. In the story, the little boy is tapped by Mr. Moon to repair the Moonpowder Factory. To do so, he has to conquer his nightmare and have a sweet dream. Warning for single moms–the book ends with his Dad coming home from war, but Benjamin doesn’t seem to be phased by it. The illustrations and the story are absolutely magical.

Full disclosure: I was not paid to write these reviews or offered free copies of the books. I just love these them to pieces and had to share.

What are some of your favorite kid’s books? Share because I’m obsessed with them, hence the frequent trips to the book store and the library.

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