Halloween Craft: Boo Ghosts

by mssinglemama on October 11, 2010

Having a real house now and being a mom blogger, I feel slightly obligated to write a craft post.

And because I pulled off creating said craft I feel quite proud and accomplished. You should know, this house brings out my matronly, mama bear side of me. It’s somewhat frightening but I’m embracing the comfort, the sounds and the smells. Pumpkin candles, Benjamin and John playing in his room while I’m in the kitchen (although usually not bare foot). Anyway, you get the idea…

A few weekends ago, Benjamin and I made a journey to the craft store and came back with a few goodies so we could spend an afternoon making some scary Halloween decorations.

I kept it easy to stay on pace with his four year old attention span. Benjamin’s best friend Sydney, a big six year old, joined us and while Benjamin hopped from making ghosts, she drew faces. You can get even more creative and use colored sheets or make ears and other fun, scary accessories out of felt.

To make these Hallowee Boo Ghosts you’ll need:

1. Ball of black yarn.

2. Foam balls.

3. At least one cute child.

But the more the merrier.

4. One old white sheet. Cut into even squares, about 10 inches wide and long.

5. And a permanent marker or black washable marker, depending on age of said children.

Have the kids wrap the foam balls in the sheets and then tie the yarn around the little ghost necks. Then the kids can draw faces. I decorated our nook with the ghosts when we were done.

Benjamin loves them but John Bear is a little creeped out. In fact, he says all of my Halloween decorations are “disturbing.” And then I say, “but that’s the entire point.”

Oh, what is a girl to do with a John Bear? Have I told you about the time I faked my own attack while we were staying at a cabin? Maybe another day. Not yet. Need more time for him to get over it.

Do you have any awesome Halloween craft ideas? Leave a link in the comments.

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