Lost amidst the never ending paint

by mssinglemama on September 24, 2010

I have been painting since  Sunday afternoon.

A few things I’ve learned, 1248 square feet seems much larger when you have to cover every inch and painting a ceiling is worse than painting a closet. If you were hoping for some insightful live or love lesson you’ll have to move along, my brain is fried on fumes.

We’re almost there though. Every room is finished. Now it’s just woodwork and closets. John’s parents came down to help – yeah, did I mention already that I am going to have the best, sweetest, coolest in-laws ever? [One thing about having been married already, the in-law thing is WAY more important of a factor than my twenty-something self ever would have considered].

My mother is also here. Or as I call her, the crazy painting lady. Moving from house to house and renovating them with six kids in tow will do that to you. Anyway, she spent about 7 hours in my breakfast nook the other day. I’m not sure what she was doing but the woodwork looks amazing, smooth, clean, sanded down and caulked. She’s also been putting up with me at my worst. Even at 1:00 am when the fumes from the oil-based primer I bought on accident have us both scared for our lives. And then in the morning when we wake up so sore and I’m grumbling something about wearing the same shirt for three days straight and wanting to strangle a baby bunny.

John Bear has been slammed all week preparing to defend his Masters Thesis. A huge deal and I’m so proud of him. And even though he feels really, really guilty for not being here I am secretly glad he’s not–it could have been ugly. After John defends today he’s bringing back up the little Benjamin who has been hiding away at his Dad’s, enjoying the care-free oblivion that is early childhood. A move? Oh, don’t worry about that the magic elves will take care of everything. When he gets back he’ll find a brand new room with a brand new bunk bed, the one big piece of furniture John and I agreed to buy for the new house. Did I already tell you how much I love that man?

I’ll also be playing this song… it’s been on repeat in my head all week, amidst the paint cans and the never ending walls. I’ll have pictures next week.

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