The Almost Step-Father

by mssinglemama on September 19, 2010

Benjamin is in the bath splashing entirely too much and talking the entire time.

Tonight’s topic is our impending move. And the the most fascinating thing about the new house? Not his new room. Not the basketball hoop. Not even his new bunk bed.

No, the most fascinating thing is the fact that a man and his dog will actually be living with us… forever. I can’t say that I blame him. I’m a bit fascinated by it myself.

“But John Bear still won’t be my step-father, will he?”

What? This is a new one? His question snaps me out of my “just go to bed already” funk and I am bracing myself for question #2 before I’ve already answered question #1.

I fumble a bit and then muster, “Well, he’s not technically your step-dad but close.”

“So…” Benjamin takes a big pause and then looks back up at me with his eyebrows raised and reveals his logic, “that means I don’t really have to listen to him right?”

“No. You still have to listen to him,” I laugh. “He’s not your step-father yet but he’s your almost step-father.”

“But, you’re not even married yet. You have to marry him first, right?”

“Yes, yes, but that won’t be until May.”

“What is May?”

“A long way away. That’s what. But it will be here before you know it. Now out of the bath, Mister.”

“So, he’s still not my step-father?”

“No. But you still have to listen to him.”

I’m just an innocent bystander to this turf thing between John and Benjamin. The biggest help I can be to both of them is to a) not take sides and b) be there on the other end with tons of hugs.


The John Bear discipline tact is this. No warning for misbehavior, immediate time out. Any kicking or fit throwing during time out and he takes away a box of Benjamin’s toys for a week. Works like a charm if you or your man would like to try it yourself.

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Jessica September 19, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Good luck! The discipline tact sounds tough, but if it works, go for it, darling! So glad you’re happy. It gives me hope. 🙂 Thanks for still writing on your blog! We love it.

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