The Wedding Dress

by mssinglemama on September 15, 2010

My Mom and I stopped into a bridal boutique a few days after John and I’s engagement.

We were right there. So, why not?

I’m not by any means a wedding planning bridezilla. Quite the opposite I’m afraid. The very thought of planning another wedding, even though my first happened so quickly, makes me a bit queasy. What can I say? I’m just not that into weddings. But, I am into romance. And, I do understand and realize that even though this is my second wedding this is John Bear’s first.

With that in mind, one thing John and I agree on is that our wedding won’t be completely traditional. For starters, we are bypassing the whole sit down dinner thing to save money and also to save everyone the trouble of sitting with complete strangers and eating food that (typically) is well, you know… anyway, we would rather have our ceremony and then dive straight into the reception/party.

Our dream wedding scenario plays out like this.

Ceremony. Vows. Kiss. Tada!

Band kicks up (and we hired the most amazing, dance your ass off band).

And then… the party begins, everyone has a great time and takes a shuttle bus to the hotel just around the corner.

That’s the plan anyway. But I know as hard as I may try to keep things simple there will be a lot of planning, decorating and overall loveliness to create. I’m going to get into it, I will. But I won’t get caught up. After the year we’ve had I just want to relax in to the new house and let the wedding happen on its own.

So… as Mom and I walk into the store she says immediately upon seeing me gazing at a long, white dress, “Well, you can’t have a long dress.”

“What??! Why not?” My typical naive-self, I was completely ignorant to what she was implying.

“Well, because, this is your second time.”

I threw a bit of a fit and said, “Seriously? Really? You think that means I can’t wear a long, white dress?”

“I don’t know. What will people think?”

“What people, Mom?”

“You know, people.”

Uh-huh. People? And this coming from my mom, the most liberal woman you’ll ever meet. Smells fishy. Smells like some old rule her generation had. But does ours? So then I did some Googling and there are all kinds of sites devoted to planning your “second wedding” with tips on choosing your “second dress”. And yes, they all suggest that I wear something short or ivory.

Turns out… I do really, really like the shorter styles. They’re cute. They are practical and they are less expensive. Besides, as Miranda said in Sex and the City – “The gig is up!” But above all, I could dance in a shorter dress.

I’ve asked John Bear and he, in his usual John Bear fashion, says he just wants me to be happy and to wear what I want.

Now your turn. What do you all think about this second wedding dress issue.

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