Where did my baby go?

by mssinglemama on July 31, 2010

John took Benjamin out for the morning, they’re using the first ten dollars he’s ever earned ($4.00 from last night’s Lemonade stand with Sydney, and $5.00 from today’s chores) to buy a toy.

I’m here at home organizing boxes and boxes of baby clothes, sorting them by age. All of them are a mess, tossed into boxes randomly by my formerly single and completely overwhelmed self. I remember the feeling of each little shirt and sweat pants. I can even remember what goes with what. And, I can remember exactly what it used to feel like to hold this guy when he was wearing them.

And then the tears come. Just a few. Silent, stuck in my throat, trying to swallow them back down but missing my little guy so much. The big question on my mind today – where did my baby go? It’s as if he was here and – poof – someone came and took him away, a sweet little fairy in the middle of the night, waving her wand and turning my baby into this giant boy who is doing chores and buying things.

My big thought of the day – I better pack these clothes up just so, because we’ll be needing them again soon enough. Can you even imagine how cute a little Baby Bear will be? And he’ll have such an awesome, helpful big brother waiting for him.

Wedding first and the date is set for May 14th.

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