Single Mom Beauty Tip: Clean Face

by mssinglemama on July 20, 2010

Remember my single mom beauty tips from back in the day?

Well, after such a heavy and incredibly exciting post as the last I’ve been sitting here stewing, completely at a lost as to what to write next. I mean what can compare to a virtual engagement announcement?

This morning as I wiped my face with my latest beauty addiction it occurred to me that nothing beats my new little face wipes. Nothing. Not even my own engagement (well, maybe they’d tie). I love them that much.

I’ve been using these little Say Yes to Cucumber wipes for two months now and my zit count has dropped dramatically, nearly zero now. I also have sensitive skin so it’s a challenge to find cleaning products that don’t irritate or aggravate. These do neither and are enriched with vitamins and all natural stuff so my face really does glow when I’m finished.

The only problem? They tend to sell out, so I buy them in pairs.

Buy them here from the source, Yes to Carrots. Or at

I started giving single mom beauty tips to save single moms valuable time and money after many frustrating and disappointing purchases of my own. So, please leave your own beauty tips if you have them and keep on shining mamas!

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A few housekeeping notes:

  • We are still house hunting because yet another home inspection wielded a basement with mold. John Bear are beyond spent on this entire experience. We have also concluded that house hunting is worse than online dating, something we both used to do before finding each other the old fashioned way.
  • I cut the prices on my new leaf necklaces. And every purchase still gets you a free copy of Ms. Single Mama Uncensored, my tell-all eBook and you won’t have to pay a penny in shipping.

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