Love, true and sure.

by mssinglemama on July 12, 2010

When you’re house shopping together and have verbally committed to marriage and creating a forever together, popping the question and actually surprising one Ms. Single Mama is not an easy feat.

On Thursday, the night before we were going to drive Benjamin down to Athens and then spend the day working from coffee shops and golfing I asked, “Why are we going to Athens anyway?”

“I don’t know.” He said.”Why?

His impending proposal had become a bit of a game between us.

Me trying to figure out how he would do it and John trying to avoid all conversations around the subject. On occasion I felt a bit guilty and tried to imagine being in his shoes, trying to surprise a woman with such a question – not even to mention actually asking her. But, inevitably, the girl inside me always trumped rational thought and I tried to hatch his plan.

“No reason,” I answered, “Just wondering.” But he could tell that I was on to him.

On Friday afternoon, after we’d dropped Benjamin off  at his father’s we headed uptown for lunch. I had completely forgotten about the potential proposal, at mercy to my growling stomach. John found a parking spot in front of Casa Nueva and O’ Betty’s on one of Athens’ brick-lined streets. The same streets he and I had crossed countless times as Ohio University students while missing each other for years before finally meeting in Columbus. These streets and this town mean so much to both of us. But John wasn’t thinking about the streets or the town, he was thinking about pulling off a surprise.

And he did.

As I was gathering up my purse to get out of the car he leaned over, locked his eyes on mine and said, “I was wondering if you were in the market for a hairy, Irish husband?”

“You’re doing it in the car?” I screeched.

Then he pulled out a ring box and opened it with a snap that sent the ring on a spiral, deep down underneath the car seat.

“It’s under the seat!” I said.

“Oh my God. You’re kidding me,” John said as he plunged his arm underneath, searching for the ring. He found it a few seconds later and then between laughs and tears and kisses, I said “Yes.”

Without a doubt. Yes.

Yes to the man of my dreams who I never expected to find.

Yes to a man who is also my best and dearest friend, my confidant and the person who I trust with everything.

Yes to the man who my son has also completely fallen in love with.

Yes to love.

And to the sweetest man on Earth. I love you my John Bear.

[P.S. If you want to check out the ring – it’s ridiculously beautiful and custom designed locally by Worthington Jewelers, see it here.]

Read the beginning, how John Bear and I met here.

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