Third time’s the charm

by mssinglemama on July 3, 2010

We have an offer in on another house, our third.

John and I have looked at over 30 homes and have found each other, on more than one occasion, at the brink of pure frustration and exasperation – leading me to believe that home buying is up there with one of the most stressful experiences a couple endure. But if anything, if there is a bright side, this has been yet another incredibly valuable lesson in communication.

And now here we are, at the precipice again – hoping the sellers bite on our low ball offer (we can’t bear to pay more than the true value of the house). And besides, although stressful, buying your first home is nothing to rush.

If they don’t take us up, we’ll walk and leave behind all that seems perfect with this house to move on to the next.

The house, in case you are wondering, is close to perfect. There are stainless steel appliances in a kitchen I would probably need to be pried out of, skylights over the giant family room addition and an epic back yard with a high privacy fence. Hard to imagine living in such a sweet place, bursting with potential for a lifetime of new memories. All of this is sometimes, hard to imagine – even though it is happening right before my eyes.

Send us all of the positive energy you can. Maybe we can use our new leaf necklaces like some kind of Care Bear salute?

And don’t worry about my emotions.

If we don’t get this house, there will be another one. Seriously, after looking at over 30, spending entire mornings of my life watching episode after episode of My First Home, and countless precious hours surfing through we are more excited to just be done with this process than anything else. But patient still… steady as she goes.

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