by mssinglemama on May 20, 2010

The next time I say I am going to start my own business and a new workshop series – just stop me, shake me and then throw some cold water in my face.

After two weeks of prep while managing client work and all of that new business stuff, the final Sway Workshop is under way. The Workshop, in case you are curious, consists of nine innocent attendees who have willingly signed themselves up for two days of non-stop talk about search engine optimization (SEO). A topic, that although fascinating, can also be a bit overwhelming and, if discussed for long periods of time, lead to a nasty case of dry mouth accompanied by this itchy feeling in the back of your throat that makes you lose your will to ever speak again.

After the close of day one Brad and I hobbled upstairs from Wild Goose and into the Cement Marketing office. After a few minutes of remaining upright we both collapsed. Me on the couch, stretching my heeled feet until they spilled over the end of our little couch and Brad on the floor, resting his cheek on a scrappy edge of a little Ikea carpet.

We concluded that perhaps Sway would be better delivered online, to a virtual audience – one that can hit rewind again and again on our virtual talking heads so that we don’t have to feel this kind of physical pain ever again. And then we remember that we have to do it all over again tomorrow. But, we’re excited and proud. Because as Brad points out, “look how far we’ve come from that day when we were taking pictures of our empty new space.” We did it. And from what we can tell, our attendees are learning a shit ton about SEO. Mission accomplished (almost).

There’s still tomorrow to defeat.

For now, I’m here in my apartment ignoring the absolute disaster surrounding me. Thanks to the festival last weekend and Sway this week I have now, effectively, taken two full weeks off from cleaning. In fact, I’m not sure you could walk through a single room in the place and manage to stay in a straight line without stepping on something, stubbing a toe or just feeling an overwhelming sense of disgust with the creatures who must live in this place. The creatures, of course, being Benjamin and I.

And I fed Benjamin donuts for dinner tonight. Donuts.

I did it because the plate was there. This giant leftover plate of donuts that no one would take on Twitter and then there was Benjamin. Sitting there looking cute and adorable, he wasn’t even asking for the donuts but I thought – this horrible thought, “What if I could go one night without making dinner?”

It happened so quickly and before I knew it Benjamin was devouring all of the glazed and nutty cinnamon goodness he could pop into his little mouth, pausing only to say, “This is the best dinner ever, Mommy.”

Good night sweet stranger people. I hope you have a marvelous weekend. And eat a donut for me.

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