Name Your Fear and Win

by mssinglemama on April 30, 2010

Fear is a real bitch.

And it’s been a while since I’ve addressed the unique fears that come for single moms dating.

Our fears, unfortunately, tend to control our dating lives for the first year as we regain our footing. But then, if you’re like me, we slowly gain control – recognizing a pattern. The next step is to break our habit of choosing the wrong men for the wrong reasons, which is just about as challenging as quitting smoking. But, for many of us single moms, driven by the love of our children and the vow to never “let that happen again” we take our new found freedom as a chance to re-discover our true selves.

Who are you without him?

Who are you without a man at all?

And what fear is keeping you from trusting in yourself to find someone good and true? And then the kicker – before you can find him you have to find yourself. You have to learn how to be happy alone and then you will find that there is really nothing to fear.

The answers are yours to find but, trust me, they’re worth the chase.

The topic of fear is on my mind because I’m putting the final touches on an essay on the subject for Woman’s Day magazine. (Find my piece in the August issue).

Now it’s your turn…

Name your fear and win.

The prize.

One of the new Antiqued New Leaf Bronze Necklaces and a copy of Ms. Single Mama Uncensored.


single mom book

The challenge.

What is your greatest fear as a dating single mom? And how do you plan on conquering said fear? Leave a comment answering the above and you’ll be entered to win. I will be choosing the winner at random.

The deadline.

Deadline to comment is Monday, May 3 at Midnight (EST).

Want more? There’s plenty of   Single Mom Dating advice in this complete archive of my single mom dating posts. They’ll be really helpful if you’re just now discovering my blog or dipping your toe into the big, bad dating world.


Benjamin and I are in Chicago visiting our awesome cousins Terri and Larry. Pictures when I get back but I’ll be tweeting my adventures, so keep up here.

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