Smoothies & the Duchess

by mssinglemama on April 19, 2010

Benjamin and I discovered, just this week, that our blender and fruit make for a nice mix. I know, duh – right?

Toss in some yogurt and a little splash of juice and voila – you have a delicious smoothie. I think I’ve lost a few pounds already. No more eating out. Smoothies instead. And anything that gets Benjamin to guzzle down a huge cup filled with fruit is worth the few seconds it takes to make.

Our single mama smoothie recipe (just enough for one mama and one tot):

2 bannanas
3/4 cup of mango/orange juice from Trader Joe’s
1-2 cups of frozen strawberries (or raspberries, or blueberries)
3/4-1 cup of vanilla yogurt

(adjust all of the above accordingly)

Nearly as awesome as my cottage cheese pancakes, which are packed with protein for the kiddies. Try them both.


Lately, as a de-stressing mechanism, I have been forcing myself to watch movies or read a book for at least an hour a night.

When the Duchess, a romantic period piece starring Keira Knightly, landed in my mail box I popped it in apprehensively. But, to my surprise, I actually loved it. Quite the chick flick, perfect for a Friday or Saturday night after the kids are tucked in.

There was also a line in the movie that will stick with me forever.

Keira, the Duchess of Devnoshire, is on a walk with Lady Beth when one of the Duchess’ little daughters falls onto the grass and then bounces right back up. Lady Beth asks, “Why can’t we get up that fast?”

The Duchess responds matter-of-factly, “Because. We have too far to fall.”

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