by mssinglemama on April 15, 2010

Being a single mom, small business owner/entrepreneur and blogger + girlfriend = frequent bouts of exhaustion and cravings for moments of peace and solitude.

On one such afternoon, which happened to be yesterday afternoon, I collapsed on the couch while Benjamin hopped out onto the front porch to play with the sidewalk chalk. He was so quiet – a rarity. But, as his teachers point out, when he is coloring or drawing he is completely focused.

Ten minutes later and one boiled over pot of chocolate milk (I had forgotten about it on the stove during my respite on the couch) Benjamin fetched me to, “Come look, Mama, come on! Come on!”

“Okay, okay – just a minute.”

And then there it was – his first landscape, story or whatever. His first work of sidewalk art that didn’t look like a mess of scribbles.

This, my dear friends, woke me up, re-energized me and even made me forget about everything on my to-do list.

Chalk Art

At the top left is the sun, which has a cute smiling face and the bright blue line around the sun is a row of cities, the blue dashes are the cities. And to the right is a boy. Underneath the boy – the yellow and light blue line is the road leading to the cities.

Being alone yesterday afternoon, I had no one to show this to… I took the picture, my first instinct being to share this huge milestone of his with all of you. My readers. Maybe you guys are like my giant extended family. Filling that void being a single mom naturally creates – that feeling of being somewhat isolated.

An awesome new Cement Marketing client asked me the other day how many of you I’ve actually met. I am always surprised by the new questions thrown my way about blogging – a mysterious art to some. I had to think about it and then realized I’ve only actually met about 50 of you… many of whom have become real life friends.

So, why do I feel like I know all of you?

Who else wants to brag about your little ones? Do it. Share with all of us, your big family of single mamas. Leave a comment.

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