If I do it again

by mssinglemama on March 30, 2010

If I do get married again… IF, I said. IF. Don’t get all crazy on me now. If, I say I do again things will be ultra low key. I can’t rationalize spending a gazillion dollars on a wedding, I would rather use the money for a down payment on a house or paying off our debt, not accumulating more.

So… something like this wedding invitation may be just what the social media fanatic and budget savvy bride orders. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the wave of the future, the newest kid on the block – the YouTube wedding invitation.

Absolutely brilliant.

If you ever get married again, what would you do differently? And this one is for the happily married of you as well – to anyone who has already been married once, if you could do it all over again…

[This video’s soundtrack is to Vampire Weekend, not sure which song].

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