Going, going, gone?

by mssinglemama on March 14, 2010

UPDATE: Totally changed my mind and this blog will stay, but expect a total make over soon. Read about it here.

In October of 2007, when I started writing this blog, I was the new single mom of a 19-month-old. My goal was to help other single moms find their way as I found my own.

At first there were only a few of you reading, then a few hundred and then a few thousand. Now there are over 15,000 of you who pop into my corner of the world for updates on my life, on Benjamin, on my relationship with John. And out of all of the thousands, only a handful surface to leave stomach-churning comments that give me chills. Others go so far as to write vicious blog posts. And even others are harassing me behind the scenes with repeated comments that leave me worrying about my and Benjamin’s safety.

To those who actually have time in their day to spew needless negativity into the world, targeted at us – Who are you? Where do you come from? Who raised you to treat others this way? I may be a single mother and you may hate everything I represent – but my son and I will never stoop to your level. Ever.

I have also outgrown this blog. I have my answers. My journey as a single mom feels complete. Not because I have found John, but because I have found myself. And then there’s Benjamin. The idea of him reading some of the words written about me here or elsewhere is beyond terrifying. I can’t let that happen, no matter how much I love this blog, no matter how much I love all of you.

I could write and keep his pictures and mention of him off of my blog, but the premise – being a single mom, dating, who knows… it would still affect him, our relationship and how he is perceived by his peers.

I am going to keep the 600+ blog posts I have written up for the next 12 months. And then, I will be deleting this space. That should be enough time for all of you to catch up. I love all of you (my single mamas). But I have to listen to my gut and end this here.

If you need advice about being a dating single mom, there will always be my book. Everything you need is on those pages. Although, the book won’t be up forever either. Don’t think for a second that I am ashamed of anything I have written. I just want Benjamin to read or hear these stories from me first. I may start blogging again, I’m just not sure when or where.

You can do this without me. You can.

I know you can because I did. And I will always be here thinking of you and sending you all of the positive energy I can muster, just not from this blog. I can’t thank you enough for being here, for supporting me and for giving me your spirit during these past few years. If anyone is responsible for the growth I’ve experienced personally – it’s all of you.

Thank you,



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