Conversations with Benjamin

by mssinglemama on February 24, 2010


“Yeah, Benjamin.”

“You have a tattoo on your butt. That’s funny. Ha. Ha. So funny.”

“Well, it’s not really on my butt.”

“Yes, yes it is Mommy! Look!”

“Okay, that’s enough, keep your hands off of me.”



“Yeah, what’s up Benjamin?”

“I want to lift your car off the ground tomorrow morning. Before I go to school.”

“Okay, you can try.”

“No, I’m not going to try – I am going to lift your car.”

“Okay, Sweetie. But first go to sleep. In the morning you can try.”

“Not try Mommy!”

“Alright, alright – you will lift my car tomorrow morning. Now GO TO BED.”




“Is John Bear coming over later.”

“Yeah, he is. Probably in about 30 minutes.”

“Is he coming over forever, Mommy? Like, forever, like he’s never going to leave?”

“I don’t know, Honey. Hey – let’s go upstairs and play before he gets here?”

“Okay. Sure. Hey, good idea Mommy, that’s a really good idea.”


“Mommy, I hate school.”


“Yeah. I hate school.”

“Do you know what hate means?”


“Do you like school?”

“Yeah, I like school.”


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