Quitters are Winners

by mssinglemama on February 11, 2010

The 7-Day Quit Challenge

One (almost) year ago, on February 16, 2009 – I smoked my last cigarette.

I didn’t tell you this then, but my last cigarette was a nasty butt – what was left of the cigarette lit by a man the night before. He had appeared out of, what seemed like no where, on the sidewalk in front of what is now my new Cement Marketing office.

Funny how I still think about that guy, that moment – often. Something clicked for me that night and I decided that I wanted to be more like him and less like me. I wanted to be in control of my path, in control of where I was going – and even if I couldn’t control every pot hole I’d hit, at least I would be driving the car.

The minute I chose to change my future, to take control of my life and quit smoking – everything changed.

Now I am challenging myself to quit something else… because I am far from perfect and I’m kind of hooked to this taking control of my life thing. I am going to quit denying myself the time I need to exercise. I am not in a cubicle anymore, I set my own hours and I am completely out of excuses. And even though I don’t mind the weight I’ve gained over the past year (about 10-15 pounds, I don’t have a scale so I can’t be sure) I do mind that none of my jeans fit anymore.

I need to tone this little body of mine up, but above all – I need a stress reliever. Just ask John Bear. The poor guy looks like he may suffer a stroke or something every time I look at him funny.

To start me off I am going to work out to (gasp) this totally terrifying 30 Day Shred DVD I ordered after Kristin mentioned it to me on our visit to Vancouver last Spring and then again on her blog, or one of her blogs, recently. So I bought it and now for the first time since last summer (when I hurt myself trying to pick up jogging) I am going to attempt to exercise.

And not only attempt – but I am going to work out to this video for seven days in a row. (Starting on Sunday, February 14). I would start tomorrow but Morgan is here and we are spending a few days on a photo shoot for my client.

Your Turn.

Quit something. Anything. Pass or fail and you’ll still win.

I have read some amazing quit ideas from you all – on Twitter, Facebook and here in the comments – that have nothing to do with weight, smoking or your typical quit pledges. You’ve mentioned things like attitude changes, not talking about the ex as often. Fantastic stuff.

Here’s your mission.

Leave a comment between now and February 14th telling me what you are going to quit. Come back seven days later on February 21 and tell me how you did. Fail? Pass? Leave your comment telling me your results as a Reply to your first comment.

Just like this… see how Ian left a comment here and then I replied. Well, this time you will be replying to yourself.

Screen shot 2010-02-12 at 12.45.05 AM

That way I will be able to double check the dates and that it’s really you.

The Prize

Everyone who takes me up on the challenge (pass or fail) will get a totally free copy of Ms. Single Mama Uncensored – the best little eBook for single moms out there.

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