by mssinglemama on February 7, 2010

Just look at this kid and try to tell me he isn’t going to be a fearless athlete.


Here he is yesterday, on our second trip out trouncing and sledding around the neighborhood.


Clearly ready to beat the snot out of any snow man that tries to ruin his day. Give Benjamin an accessory – like a sled – and he gets into position, as if he’s been doing it for years


Breaking his concentration only to shout at his Mommy slave, “run faster Mommy! FASTER!”


After a few hours of sled-walking-pulling (too scared to take him on a big hill because we are in a two-week health insurance lapse) we packed up into the car and headed to a bowling tournament for the MJB Foundation. And after one too many of Benjamin’s balls landed (and stopped) in the gutter


John Bear lent a hand, or two


And then I saw – for the first time – Benjamin’s first victory dance. Each one started like this. With Benjamin, intensely watching the ball

Bowlingbefore spinning around


and then pumping his fist into the air with a loud and very masculine, “Yeeessssss.”


and then, all while shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


he would run back to his team


and actually go airborne


before making it to their open hands for a high-fives and big hugs.


He gets the athleticism from his father, the competitive spirit from his mother and with this guy as his coach –


If anything, Benjamin is going to be a fierce bowler. But I also have dibs on bobsledding.

See more pictures of our snowy bowling weekend (including John Bear’s perfect form) here.

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