Escape Plan

by mssinglemama on January 29, 2010

Somewhere in the midst of this past week, filled with exciting client meetings, pitches, crash-course accounting, and just about no sleep I saw this picture


and gasped out loud.

“What?” Brad asked.

“Oh, nothing – just a picture of Benjamin. I miss him.”

It’s not like I haven’t seen him. Our routine is the same but there is an excitement he can sense and things have been a hair on the wild side over the past seven days.

So then I took a moment and scrolled through the rest of the pictures of my defiantly, spirited son – who never fails to impress me.

With his fierce strength

_MG_5472soft heart

Ben2and his sense of humor


A few minutes after we took these, Benjamin gulped down the rest of his hot chocolate and we went to his big boy hair appointment. At some point, I hope I washed his face.

I don’t remember.

What I do remember about that day – just days before I took on what feels like having a second child (my own business) – is having all of the time in the world to just be with him. And although this week has been a crazy one, things will settle down soon and I will have the freedom to be at that little man’s disposal. If I am sick. I am sick. If he is sick. I stay home. If his school is closed, he comes to work with me. Family first. Always. And without guilt.

If you have daydreams about your own escape from cubicle nation leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim.

escape from cubicle nation

Escape from Cubicle Nation is one of the only books I’ve found that absolutely inspires and rings true about what you should or should not do before quitting your day job. I’ll give you one hint – it’s not for the faint of heart and you need a plan. Don’t just jump out there without a safety net. Read her book. Plenty of answers and guidance.

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