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by mssinglemama on January 26, 2010

The before…

Slightly frazzled but exhilarated adults, fueled by caffeine, adrenaline and the dream of finally realizing a dream


Children ready for bed


and enthralled by a secret or two


The furniture – a mish-mash of vintage Craigslist chairs and Ikea treasures, ready and waiting


to be cleaned




and tightened.


And then the after…


When, thanks to my Mother’s brilliance, everything






and stood the test of the morning light


more than enough to have the perfect meeting with my new and first client.


So we could relax after and unwind, but only for a moment


Because this is just the beginning of what our little meeting room will see


This small business brought to you by my Mom (the decorator and Craigslist maven), Ikea, Brad, John, Mia, you – my blog readers –  and our first client, Lifeline of Ohio. Find out more about Lifeline and Cement Marketing‘s task for the organization soon. One hint – the makeover of their Website  and social media plan will make this office facelift seem like nothing.

So, what do you think of the office? We still have to bring in the plant life, the books, etc. But we love the space. And behind this meeting room is our office with three perfect desks and big, bright windows. More pictures soon – after we get settled.

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