Something is up

by mssinglemama on January 20, 2010


Something is definitely up.

I have been keeping it a secret from all of you for over three weeks now and I am about to explode – so excited to just get it out there. But we have to wait.

Until Monday.

A few thoughts running through my head:

Why do I do this to myself? But, then again, why not?

What if you’re all disappointed in me teasing you like this. It’s not that exciting. It is to me, to John Bear and to Benjamin – but to all of you? Humph. I’m not sure.

Those are my thoughts. Totally boring and uneventful.

While we’re waiting for Monday to get here and while I’m being boring and working my ass off  – tell me who you are.

I figure for every lurker that comes out and leaves a comment, another lurker will be entertained in reading said comment. So come out of hiding and tell me about yourself and one quick question:

Do you believe in fate? karma? both? why? why not?

Thanks and I love you. All of you. Even the psycho jerky ones of you.


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