All Boy or All Dad?

by mssinglemama on January 15, 2010

When Benjamin comes back from his father’s house he is a little monster.

Straw6And that’s putting it nicely.

When I ask him to clean his room he says, “NO. You clean it.”

When I ask him to pick something up he starts growling, something I am now convinced his father’s girlfriend’s son does. It’s awful. It’s like my son is a miniature version of someone else’s kid. Not that said other kid isn’t a sweet, darling little guy (because he is, I’ve met him) he’s just not my kid.

Typically, I would imagine, creating a co-parenting relationship to work out these kinks would be entirely possible. But not with my ex. Unfortunately trying to change Benjamin’s father, or even communicate with him, is virtually impossible. He just doesn’t listen. I should know – I tried for two years. And while he loves Benjamin, he pampers him. Couple that with Benjamin emulating his pseudo step-brother and you can imagine the outcome.

Or is it just that Benjamin is nearing four and turning into a full-fledged little boy with an attitude.

I can’t tell but I’m hanging on for the ride and practicing my yoga breathing moves so as not to completely go crazy on his little ass.

How do you handle the decompression time after a visit at Dad’s? Benjamin is there every other weekend, but it seems as he’s getting older – it’s taking longer to correct his behavior, get him back on a sleep schedule and down from his sugar highs of the weekend.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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