New Love

by mssinglemama on January 3, 2010

On New Year’s Eve, John Bear’s little brother brought his girlfriend along from New York City.

The two are absolutely smitten with each other and I couldn’t help but take picture after picture of them.


Maybe because they’re so damn cute together

new love

or maybe because I could picture them just like this walking down a busy street in New York City.


Or maybe I wanted to capture, through a lens, what it feels like to be that young and that ready to dive head first into whatever comes.


because for them, the rest of the world doesn’t really exist right now.


And that is so incredibly awesome.


I’m definitely a fan of love now. It’s slightly obnoxious.

Or maybe it’s just these brothers.



They’re both trouble. And totally taken.

[And that’s Mr. Papa Bear himself to the right of John there. All of my pictures from our trip to Chicago and New Year’s are here.]

If you’re really looking for romantic inspiration check out the latest creation from my beautiful friend Morgan – Bluegrass Romance - she’s challenging herself to weekly missions of adventure and romance throughout 2010. As if moving across the country to marry your true love as a single mama wasn’t enough! Morgan rocks.


Your entries to my New Leaf, New Year contest have been out of this world. I’m announcing the winner very soon.

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