A little mystery.

by mssinglemama on December 1, 2009

This is my cat.

gray cat

Her name is Lily.

When she does come in the house, if we’re lucky enough to catch her, she takes off into the basement and hides there for days – sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating. Eventually she comes out of hiding and meows her way back outside. Her meow is incredibly annoying and she uses it to her advantage.

Then we go days, sometimes weeks, without seeing her. Reggie is tagging along, too. He’s my other cat and he’s a total jerk. He peed in my bed once, just let it all out – right in my pillow area. I had to buy a new mattress. Ever since I’ve had a hard time trusting him. When he’s in the house I’m all paranoid, I shut my bedroom door and if I see him I tell him that he “must have serious issues” to go and do “something that disgusting.”

Both Reggie and Lily used to drive me crazy on a daily basis but then this guy showed up.

wheaton terrier

As soon as Murphy made his debut along with his owner, Mr. John Bear, the cats began their run and hide, meow their way out pattern. At first I was a bit worried. But then I realized that my cats had found someone else. The evidence? Their steadily growing bellies.

“Some sucker neighbor person is feeding them,” I told John.

“What in the hell? Seriously? But I see them out there – near the house, all of the time.”

“Then it must be someone close, someone who knows they’re my cats.”

I wondered who it could be for months – feeling like their eyes were on me every time I came and went, thinking they must be thinking there goes the lady who can’t take care of her own cats. But then I realized that the cats were playing both of us, coming into the house that was open, at the most convenient time. Suckers. Stupid humans with their stupid dogs.

Recently, thanks to the cold weather and a dose of guilt, John Bear has been trying to herd the cats into the house at night. I try to explain to him that their fat and fur will keep them well insulated.

“And if they want to come in,” I say, “they’ll be meowing like crazy at our door.” But John is a dog person and dog people are easily fooled by cats. So he spends a lot of his time outside calling for them, hunting them down.

Here’s a picture of John Bear on one such cat hunt.

cat hunt

I took it through my front door’s little square window. There was no way I was going outside into the freezing snow to hunt for my cats. Decided to let the dog person sucker go instead.

A few days later, on a warmer afternoon, John, Benjamin and I were all outside playing when we spotted Reggie. Crouched by one of my neighbor’s front doors he was avoiding us entirely. Pretending like we didn’t exist. After seven years of feeding him and cleaning his litter box, this was what I got. A cat who would trade me for a dog-less home and wet food.

And then the door opened and Reggie dashed down into my neighbor’s basement just as I was reaching for him.

“Reggie!” I hollered.

And then I looked up and there she was. The mystery neighbor.

“He comes over,” she said, “is that okay? I just don’t want you to think I’m trying to steal your cat.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine - really.”


And damn, I raised some smart cats.


Some random notes.

I will be updating my photo gallery all week with new pictures. I’ve been so behind and am finding tons of pictures I should have uploaded months ago.

You also might like this fun TV interview I did (via Skype) for Still Up with Max and Jason on Current TV. Check it out and let me know what you think. Such a different pace than ours in little, old Ohio but it was fun. Felt like I was on MTV or something.

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