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by mssinglemama on November 30, 2009

Until my new leaf necklace creator gets back from her European vacation this Spring, I’m exploring options for my next Ms. Single Mama piece of merchandise. And, as usual, I am dying for your input. So here are the options on the table now. Vote for your favorite after browsing.

1. A sassy single mama apron, like so…

sexy apronBut ours would probably be covered in leaves with a dash of sexy and cute pinks and reds. Thanks to the Sassy Apron shop on Etsy for this picture and to Made By Amy D in Columbus for working with me on this.

2. A New Leaf Ring, like so…

leaf ring

This may not be the exact ring, although I do like this style. But just keep in mind – there are SO many leaf rings out there. Ours would hopefully be custom designed and created by an Etsy.com seller.

3. A cool tote bag, like so…


Like this tote bg, for Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, ours will also have a custom symbol – maybe a few words, but something that is simple and sweet.

4. Or, a super cute t-shirt.

You all know what super cute t-shirts look like. Like the tote, it would also have a custom symbol, designed just for us!

Now vote for your favorite.

If you don’t like anything you see here, please leave a comment with suggestions. If you do like one of these ideas, leave a comment telling me why and what you would or wouldn’t want the product to have.

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