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by mssinglemama on November 29, 2009



I found this picture in my camera. I have no idea who took it or when, but you can see the dark circles forming under his eyes.

Five hide and seek games, two sugar highs and nearly one tantrum later Benjamin passed out in the car on the long ride home. He slept straight through the night until Friday morning when we headed out to find our Christmas tree.

On the way there Benjamin got to play with his favorite toy in the world – John’s iPhone fart machine with fart Christmas carols. How lovely!


Would you look at that face? I caught the classic, “I am listening and laughing about farts” wayward gaze on film. But anything that makes him laugh like that is fine with me

IMG_3273no matter how disgusting.

After fart fun we landed at the tree lot.

Tree Lot

After John Bear did the man thing and shook a few out we found our tree.


And while Benjamin marveled at how quickly the man wrapped it up, I handed the camera to John Bear.

“Can you take some pictures of us? Just hold the button down and it will take a ton, that way there has to be at least one good one.”

He took it out of my hand reluctantly. Taking pictures is one of the things John only does if I ask him. But I’m determined to beef up his photography skills if it kills me… so I keep handing him the camera at the risk of seeing the hideous pictures of me that result.

Awkward angles of my arms, thighs and my face in the worst lighting – you name it, he’s taken it, and I’ve deleted just about all of them. But just like the scrambled eggs, he keeps trying. (It’s all about the eggs, People, I’m telling you.)

So with the camera in his hands, John snapped away.


and not so slowly

IMG_3293but surely

IMG_3294He managed to get a good one.

IMG_3291I’m still not used to the idea of having someone around to take pictures of the two of us together – pictures of me and my little Benjamin. Who, as it turns out, LOVES decorating Christmas trees.


And putting two blue ornaments right next to each other because it’s “Cool, Mommy.”


Above his favorite nutcracker who is “even cooler”.

Nutcracker ornament

In the end the tree looked like this. A bit sloppy, in a cute “a three-year-old decorated me” kind of way.

Christmas Tree

Just after we finished Benjamin’s dad showed up for weekend #2 of his every other weekends and then – just like that – John Bear and I were alone again.

We started with drinks at a friends and then realizing it was our seven month anniversary, we stopped into our first “non-date” restaurant.


We sat one table away from the little table that started it all

Romantic restaurant

A few glasses of wine later we headed home to pass out and then sleep in. Oh, the glorious luxuries of the childless.

We spent Saturday, attached at the hip, running errands – some sad and others mandatory, like grocery shopping. And one more fun errand to pick out a birthday present for my friend Ann, who we met later for drinks.


Ann just had her second son, so the drinks were well-deserved and much enjoyed.


Love that place. The best sushi in Columbus – hands down and with the coolest little Haiku, origami cards.


Now it’s back to reality. The long haul until Christmas.

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T November 29, 2009 at 9:08 pm

What a warm and lovely post. I can feel your happiness seeping through every word. Such peace and joy! It looks to be a lovely holiday season for you and yours, Alaina.

That makes me smile.


Kate November 29, 2009 at 10:46 pm

I look at these pics and smile…looks like my son and I a few years ago… literally a few year ago.. now he’s six feet tall! still my baby boy though.. he just has to bend down so I can yell at him.. enjoy every second! it goes bye so fast!


Julie November 30, 2009 at 1:58 pm

I love your writing and the way you take ordinary events and turn them into meaningful prose. Thanks!

btw — I’m a single mom of two boys and I’m from Cleveland!


arscuore November 30, 2009 at 3:11 pm

Looking forward to the day where I have pictures of me and my little boy that aren’t at strange angles because I’m trying to figure out where to point while we’re in the middle of the leaf pile…

My son also decided to place all of the red bells within 6 inches of each other on our tree.

Beautiful post. : )


thisnewplace November 30, 2009 at 5:55 pm

love it! I must download that fart app for my kids. and the tree thing is too funny, my kids dont let me help and dont want me to touch the ornaments, so everything is down low on their level (cause they are scared to climb the stool to get up higher)


Jenna Jean December 2, 2009 at 5:04 am

That tree looks awesome!


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