Smile (Brighter) Contest

by mssinglemama on November 24, 2009

Cool contest on my Facebook page. Couldn’t post it here because of the BlogHer advertising policy. But…

well worth the click.

(at least, I hope so – if you like contests and want a bright, new shiny smile it will be. If not, than take your satisfied white smirk and get outta here, we’re all jealous of you.)


The five winners of my How Do You Work It? Ms. Single Mama Uncensored contest are:

  • Rachel (the one with the ex 3,000 miles away. You didn’t leave your e-mail so write me to get your copy).
  • Laura (Queen Cat)
  • Stephanie
  • Teacher Mommy
  • Stac

If you missed the comments to the Work It post get back there. Amazing and inspirational stories from single women and single moms on how they make it work.

Congratulations to all of you! Hope you love the eBook!

Ms. Single Mama Uncensored: Dating, Sex and Love is still on sale for $8.95. Get your copy here and you’ll have access to all of the secrets and back stories you won’t find on my blog (for obvious reasons).

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