The hero deadbeat?

by mssinglemama on November 11, 2009

Have you heard about the April Baker story yet?

If not, here’s the gist – woman (April Baker) Googles herself and finds a website built by her biological father (Dr. Scott Becker) asking her to contact him. After 30 years apart, the two were reunited with camera crews playing witness (see a picture here).

As all loving reunions are, it’s a beautiful story. But, naturally, when I read it, I wanted to know more. Like, say, oh – why there needed to be a reunion in the first place. But every article I found focused on the Google search angle, the happy reunion but I couldn’t find a single mention of why Dr. Baker had been M.I.A. for 30 years.

I did some digging and finally found a brief explanation as to why April’s father wasn’t in her life to begin with. This is all it says:

April Becker’s parents separated after a fight. April Becker was a baby when her mother left her father and she never knew her father, Doctor Scott Becker.

Her mother left her father after a fight. I can relate to that one and it wasn’t pretty.

We don’t know the entire story. Perhaps Dr. Becker tried to reach out but April’s mother had disappeared. Maybe April’s mom was completely nuts and Dr. Baker showed up one day with the wrong color flowers and she decided to up and leave with baby in hand. But as a single mom, I know the odds of that are slim. Chances are he just wasn’t around. So now, decades later, he feels remorse, wants to connect and he is a hero?

I want to like the guy.

I really do. And I love this story. Who wouldn’t? It’s a happy story. But there’s still a huge part of me wanting to ask the obvious question to Dr. Becker – “So, where in the Hell were you?”

Maybe there are more articles or stories about this out there. Am I missing something? Fill me in. I think Dr. Baker, at the least, should issue a statement telling deadbeat dads why they should cut it out and step up.

He could be the national anti-deadbeat dad spokesman!

My question to all of you (on the eve of a day of dealing with the my non child support paying ex) is how do you deal with the idealization of papa issues your kids may have? How do you think you’ll handle these issues in the future?

And where is Mrs. Ex Dr. Scott Baker? What does she think about this?

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