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by mssinglemama on November 10, 2009

Remember this?

Now read this:


Did you get the package? If not, I bought insurance and have the confirmation. Let me know! I sent it 10 days ago, maybe longer.


Hi Alaina,

Yes we received your package!! Thank you very much for being so generous. We were all blown away by the amount of earrings you sent. I have attached some photos of some of our girls with their earrings.

single moms in thailand

A few of them haven’t got their ears pierced so now they are desperate to go and get it done asap! They have said if they have no time to go to the piercing place they would like to do it themselves. Yikes! Ouch!

Single Moms Thailand

I explained to them what the leaf represents and told them a little bit about your story from what I have read on your blog. They were overwhelmed that a single mother, just like them, would like to help them and bless them. So a big THANK YOU from them to you!!

Thank you also for the diapers! The children loved the diapers you sent and it was such a cute time to take photos! I was explaining to the girls about the pull ups to use when toilet training because we cannot afford those types here so they were excited learning about how we westerners use them.

Diaper fun

They couldn’t figure out why the plastic tabs weren’t on the front of the diapers! Hehe The women just loved the pictures on the diapers and so did the kids! One of our boys just started walking on Sunday and you can see his excitement playing outside and then running towards me… then ooops… he remembers he only just started walking and falls over. Very very cute!

So we have many earrings left with us here which is great. I gave a pair to our staff and they were thankful and we look forward to giving them to all the new girls that come through our home and our projects. It is great to share your story with them and let them know they are not alone and that there are single mother’s all around the world being conquerors and living their lives abundantly!

Thank you again so much for your blog and your generous donation. I hope your new job is working out well and I look forward to keeping up with you and your life through your blog.

Blessings all the way from Thailand,


Seeing these beautiful, smiling faces absolutely made my day.

And that won’t be the last package they get from us. Now I’m also dreaming up ways to get him an international and virtual Pen Pal. What a way to show him the world at an early age…

Thanks to all of you – by purchasing all of those new leaf necklaces you helped to make that donation possible.

Take my lead and spread the love to single mamas the world over. Start with the ministry in Thailand – here’s the address:

Katherine Moss
C/O Refuge Ministries Thailand
199/247, Soi 7, Moo 2, Nong Jom, San Sai, Chiang Mai, 50210, THAILAND.

Or donate cash here. NOTE: Include the Project #J169 – Refuge Ministries Thailand in your donation. Contact Katherine directly if you would like to sponsor an individual mother and child. Her e-mail is: katherinemoss10-at-hotmail-dot-com.

Visit the Ministry website here.


If you know of any other single mother non-profits, please leave the information and a link in the comments. I would like to do more, or at least set up a master list of links to the organizations.

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