Dread Pirate Benjamin

by mssinglemama on November 2, 2009

My decision

I am going to keep blogging and I want all of you to know – this is my corner of the world where I do get to talk about my feelings, uninterrupted. This is not a true reflection of my day to day life. Believe me. And if a family member is going to judge me by one birthday party where – gasp – the adults actually had fun than how can I fight that? If I lived my life in fear of what stranger family members think of me than I wouldn’t be living much at all.

Thanks for sticking around while I figure all of this out.

I am closing the comments because I don’t want any of you to bash said family member. Even though he broke my heart into a million pieces when he said the things he said, there is no reason to cut him down. That’s how he feels. That is his view of my life, of this blog and of Benjamin’s life and there is nothing I can do to convince him otherwise.

And said family member has never been mentioned on this blog before – only because we just don’t know each other that well. Didn’t want you to think these words came from anyone I have already virtually introduced you to.

On a lighter note… read about Benjamin’s real third birthday party.
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