by mssinglemama on October 14, 2009

One of you (thank you!) nominated me for a Bump Mommy Award for Best Single Mama Blogger.

And you know I totally want to win.

Vote for me (Ms. Single Mama – Option #3)  here and help me erase the memory of my classmates throwing Reeses Peanut Butter cups in my face during my losing speech for class scribe in the sixth grade.

It went down like this.

I stayed up late the night before meticulously crafting tiny notes that read “Vote for Alaina for Class Scribe.” Then I snuck into the classroom early that morning and left the notes and one Reeses Peanut Butter Cup on each desk. During my speech one of them accused me of bribery then they all started throwing the candy at me. I was forever scarred and the only thing I won that day was the title of Class Nerd.

And now you know why, to this day, if another kid so much as looks at Benjamin funny I get all defensive and want to kick their little pint sized butt.

So go vote for a girl (who clearly has issues) because she likes to win things.

P.S. Make sure you are voting for “Ms. Single Mama”.


Speaking of winning, here are the winners to all of my contests I have out there:

Ms. Single Mama Uncensored Winners from the AP Lit post: June’Bug, Gershtown, and Ali

and the big winner of the Silver New Leaf Necklace Set and book is: Lori (she’s been e-mailed if there were two of you).

Thanks so much everyone!


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