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by mssinglemama on October 13, 2009

I have spent the entire afternoon drafting this post, deleting it and then writing it again. I can’t find the words so I am just going to tell you… last week I accepted an offer to go back to work full-time.

I would explain but I deleted it all.

This is just such a tremendously personal decision. The men in my life have come and gone and eventually so will Benjamin, but the one thing that has and always will be a part of me is my career and my education. I tried staying and working at home and now I know that I am just not cut out for it… in the end I was spending less time with Benjamin, the stress and pressures of making it work were spilling into my relationship with John and this blog, my favorite thing on the planet even began to feel like a burden.

Then a job offer came from a company moving into the future of new media and led by a creative director who has a vision, clear direction and a tremendous amount of passion. I couldn’t refuse because passing up this kind of an opportunity felt like it would be a huge mistake.

So there it is. My big news.

The day I found out I took Benjamin to visit the best Montessori school in the city and signed him up. Miraculously, they have openings and by enrolling him there I have realized a dream I never thought possible. I will be able to provide him with an education, to give him something no one will ever be able to take away.

Next up… a new apartment or maybe a house?

To all of you who held me up and carried me through the last four months of this adventure by purchasing my eBook and my New Leaf necklaces, thank you from the bottom of my heart – and don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere…

now, back to blogging about the fun stuff!


Knowing my days of freedom were numbered, Benjamin and I jumped in the car last week and drove seven hours to see his Aunt Anna and Uncle Ryan in Charlottesville, Virgnia.


It was here, in Thomas Jefferson’s treasured town


that Sir Benjamin took his first real poop on the potty. The bribe? An orange cape and a sword.


After spending an entire day terrorizing the people of Charlottesville


storming the walls of their art centers

IMG_1930defeating their playground designed for big kids


and making just about everyone we saw smile, Sir Benjamin spent the night with Uncle Ryan while Anna and I went shopping. On Saturday morning we headed out into the country for some hay bail jumping


That turned into hay bail wrestling.


Some animal petting


That turned into camera training. This is one of Benjamin’s first pictures…


And then it was my turn to get a few of Benjamin who now loves making funny faces at the camera.


And then we nearly lost ourselves in the corn maze.


Finally, a few days and many more little adventures later we were home.


To our little big city that has given us both everything we could ever dream of having.

Thanks to all of you…

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