Single and Childless

by mssinglemama on September 29, 2009

I had an amazing day yesterday… not because I am all in love and stuff (although that made it nice too) but because I got to see two of my best single and childless girlfriends. And now I’m wondering what or who I would be without them in my life.

First, there’s Alison…


(who is going to fricking kill me for publishing this picture of her chewing and half smiling).

Long before John Bear came along Alison and I would spend hours upon hours relaying the horrors of our dating errors and ways. Since we’ve met she’s blossomed from accepting what she can get from men to expecting only the best and she’s become one of the strongest and most beautiful single women I know. But she still has that precious optimism of a young twenty something that I drink in while we’re together, pretending like I’m back there with her for a moment. Then she tells me to “shut up” because I’m “not that old.”

I met Alison for lunch yesterday and then, after hearing the scoop on the amazing new man she’s met we stopped into Anthropologie to try on hats and coats we couldn’t afford.


And because I know Alison is going to kill me for publishing these pictures I am going to publish this one of myself.


Now we are even.

After Alison headed back to work I wandered across the street into See where another one of the most incredible single and childless friends of mine was hard at work, managing the place.


Delcina and I pre-date my ex-husband and I’s relationship. Together we have seen it all when it comes to men and dating.


When we’re together we tend to just laugh a lot, smile at each other and then shake our heads while relaying on story or another. “Do you remember when?” Later on last night, hours after my stop at See we headed out to a concert, our first night out alone in years. Yes, in years. But now I have a John Bear, which means I can actually go out and spend time with my friends outside of my own front porch or in my living room.


Which means for a few moments last night Delcina and I were just Delcina and I again.

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