by mssinglemama on September 27, 2009

After an out of town wedding and in the midst of my supreme (damn I can’t believe I got that drunk at the reception) hangover, I packed up coloring books, a few toys and some blankets and then Benjamin and I went to the park.

“It’s a great beautiful day outside, Mommy.”

“Yeah it is, isn’t it?”

“Yep, it sure is.”

We fed the ducks in our great beautiful day and then found a spot on top of a hill. We must have been there for an hour coloring and playing on our blankets and then the wind came.

“The wind, Benjamin! The wind is here.”


“The wind. Look.”

He gazed over at a the trees on the horizon shaking and bending at the will of this invisible force. Then I told him to look up. The canopy of leaves above us danced back and forth, their rustling boomed in our ears and the tree’s branches were lurching back and forth.

“Wind, that’s the wind, Baby.”

And then he smiled, the kind of smile you can only experience at the age of three when you’ve just discovered something truly magnificent.

The wind.


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