For my stalkers…

by mssinglemama on September 25, 2009

UPDATE: Just announced a really cool Down with the Ex-Man Contest on Facebook. Check it out, the prize is a copy of Ms. Single Mama Uncensored and a New Leaf Necklace and Earrings Set.
I now have my Facebook set to automatically update my Twitter.

It means I’ll be in both places at once.

Don’t you love technology? Those geek guys in California are doing such a great job of making everything so much easier for us social media addicts. If you would prefer not to hear my constant virtual chatter, or if you’re too embarassed to fan me on Facebook (I totally understand), then check up with me throughout the day on that little Facebook box, widget fan page thing on the right hand side of my blog. See it? With all of your beautiful faces smiling back at me – that’s my favorite part.

So… pick your poison –  Facebook or Twitter and stalk away!


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