by mssinglemama on September 20, 2009

A few things happened this weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life…


Lesson #1: Never leave home without your camera

I realized one hour into my drive to Katie and Brian’s wedding, six hours away from home, that I had forgotten my camera. I couldn’t turn around, although I thought about it. Instead I resolved to make good with what I did remember – my iPhone camera and my digital video camera. So a movie is coming… but forgetting my camera – devastating. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave the house again for a destination without triple checking for that camera.

Lesson #2: My single mom status may be in the midst of retirement

I left my son for 36 hours with my significant other, my partner. I came home to a perfectly clean house and to find Benjamin completely content, well-fed and napping like an Angel. I am beginning to feel less and less like a single mom as John Bear steps up into his role as a potential step-father. (And don’t even ask me what I am going to do about the name of my blog, because I am not crossing that big of a mental bridge yet… )

Lesson #3: Some things never change

Weddings can be amazing if they are simple, pure and between two – or sometimes three – people who love each other more than anything else. And, even though Katie and I haven’t been in a church together in 17 years, making eye contact with her during a Catholic hymn still results in a juvenile like giggle attack by yours truly. Fortunately, I think everyone thought I was crying.

Coming this week:

The wedding video… along with the pictures I did manage to take with my iPhone.

Like this one of Katie, Brian and Spencer (their 5-year-old son). If you missed their story click here to catch up.


And yeah, she’s wearing the New Leaf Necklace.

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