Boxed in…

by mssinglemama on September 17, 2009

Everyone in the world needs a new website.

It makes sense. The Internet changes daily and the website you invested in even one year ago is now out of date, out of whack and just plain useless. This is a bad thing for most businesses but a very good thing for me. I am flooded with work and starting to feel like I’m in a box that keeps shrinking. But then I pop out, crack through a window and meet another huge deadline and everything seems right in the world again. I love my work so it’s all very exciting. Can there be anything more rewarding than giving a small or medium sized business a website that actually works for them, rather than against them?

On top of my own work and this blog I have been spending a huge chunk of my time with these guys. Click onto this page and scroll down to the bottom – see? That’s me, working away, with my hand on my head trying to digest the gigantic amount of work my Troy Allen just handed me. When you say Troy’s name you have to say his first and his last together. He is the stuff of creative legend in this town and sometimes I can’t believe I’m working with him. You’d all love him, or be scared to death of him – I’m not quite sure… stalk him on Twitter here and if you get a chance ask him about the time Alaina gave him a branch of a pine wrapped up in a bow with a card attached.

Point is, I’m busy… very busy. Finding moments to myself are tough.

I’ll find more than a few this weekend when I’m driving up to Michigan for Katie and Brian’s beautiful wedding. John Bear will be back here watching over Benjamin for the 36 hours it will take for me to get there, to watch the wedding and then get back. It will be their first time alone for longer than three or four hours but as John says, “I’ve got to do it sometime. Why not now?”

And besides, being alone with Benjamin on in our cozy apartment will be far easier than embarking on a seven hour road trip with him in the car.

I’ll be going to a wedding stag, just me and my camera. Expect a huge recap along with a video when I get back.

Until then, check these out – a new round of photographs – the video about the Browns game and Fiesta Movement Mission #5 is coming soon.

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