Man Park or Dog Park?

by mssinglemama on September 10, 2009

I would never compare men to dogs. Never.


It’s just not my style.

I love my men.

Before I found John Bear many of you called me a man-hater. But now I’m a walking talking dog and man loving machine. Yesterday, inspired by your adventure stories, we hopped in the car and went to the dog park. Being a dog virgin I had no idea what to expect.

There were a lot of dogs. A lot of dogs. Running and jumping and slobbering everywhere.


But to my surprise there were also a lot of men.


I couldn’t be sure about the dogs but the men, based on their ring fingers, all appeared to be single. And for the first time, in a really, really long time, I didn’t even think about dating a one of them. I’m so taken, it’s ridiculous. Instead I picked up the phone and called Mia, “You’ve got to get to the dog park – there are single men EVERY WHERE.”

“But they all have dogs,” she said.

“What? WHO CARES! I gotta go,” I had to hang up because Benjamin was about to be tackled by one of the said dogs. Don’t get your tails in a bunch about Mia being yucked out by dogs.

I was her 5 months ago. I hated dogs. Hated them. Couldn’t even stand the sight or smell of them. I wasn’t one of those bitchy people who cowers at dogs when someone walks by with one. I thought they were kind of cute – but only on special occasion. Mia will come around and soon I’m going to take her to the dog park.

As for Benjamin… well, if he’s ever on a battle line in a war zone I know what he’ll do. Stand on top of the nearest hill


and yell at the top of his lungs,”COME AND GET ME, HOT SHOTS!”


The enemy will come

wheeler dog park columbus ohio

and then he’ll start wrestling with them and rolling around in their poop without even flinching. If there ever is another World War, I’m sending my kid to Siberia.

And next time, we go to the dog park he’s staying behind and I’m bringing Mia.

Would you eliminate a guy just because he has a dog? Not into dogs? Check out my Top Spots to Meet Men list.

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