Brave or just crazy?

by mssinglemama on August 25, 2009

I had lunch with a fellow social media diva extraordinaire yesterday. Known online as Advergirl, Leigh Householder, is just as awesome as you think she would be. She’s charming, witty and bursting with all kinds of class and smarts. I just adore her.

“That was really brave,” she told me when I relayed the story of my decision to quit my day job and blog full-time.

“Yes, very brave.” I glanced down into my plate and then thought to myself, or completely crazy.

The verdict is still out.

While I do feel brave and gloriously fulfilled in most moments there are always the other doubtful moments. They sneak up on me when I least expect them and I am suddenly scared to death that I am going to completely fail at this entrepreneur thing. But not once have I regretted my decision. I am trying something I’ve always wanted to try, chasing a dream that has always been calling out to me.

With that said, a former 9-5 working stiff, I am still learning how to manage my time and my priorities. Over the next few months, I will have to invest most of my working hours into my little up and coming search and social marketing group. I’ll still be here but if I you see less posts, that’s why. This heavy work load is just temporary while I get this business off of the ground.

As for the brave or crazy verdict, I’m not sure but I think it runs in the family.


P.S. The exciting conclusion to my Trip Story is coming… just taking me a while to write between everything else.

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