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by mssinglemama on July 27, 2009

As I’m putting the final touches on Ms. Single Mama Uncensored I’m finding that in nearly every thought and in every piece there is even more I want to write. But at some point I have to stop, right? I guess I don’t want to stop though… so expect a Part II or an expanded version after this one (but I’ll be taking a huge break in between because this is obviously not easy, although incredibly exciting and fun).

In the meantime, I have popped my head up for air every once in a while and noticed that Benjamin has grown really fond of the life size E.T. doll we found for $8.50 at the thrift store.


He takes him into bed, outside to play and even sits him on the potty. E.T. was a perfectly normal alien until Murphy came home with this on his head.


He has a bad boo boo where his “you know whats” used to be, on account of being unable to stop licking the area in question.

After we took Murphy to the vet E.T. started coming down with frequent cases of the flu and I’ve actually had to practice the Heimlich on this thing. But if it all of this madness makes Benjamin smile like this, than I know I’m doing something right…


And guess who has figured out how to pose for the camera?


Watch out Ladies.

Okay. Back to work. Some things coming up soon:

  • Remember the Lion? Of the Lion and the Tiger… well, even though our date didn’t pan out he is an awesome guy and on that date I told him I had met John just the day before. “But,” I said, “I could feature you on my blog as an eligible bachelor. You’re just so cute!” And very soon now — you’ll all be meeting him.
  • A very exciting Ford Fiesta Movement Mission video of John Bear and I’s fashion makeovers.
  • Another big Single Edition contest. You’re going to love the package I’ve put together, awesome stuff for single mamas.

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