A Little Surprise & Date Night

by mssinglemama on July 21, 2009

UPDATE & DISCLAIMER: All words ever written about Mia’s Other Woman on this blog are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise noted. Because we have been best friends our entire lives, I don’t even have Mia proof my posts – she trusts me. Whenever I write about her Other Woman, again because Mia is like a sister to me, I tend to get a bit fired up. Equating her to a woman on Jerry Springer was perhaps out of line. For that I apologize but I meant what I said and have zero tolerance for people who cheat or sleep with married men. Even though it takes two, both parties are equally as guilty as each other.

I have dated enough men who have been cheated on to know that the effects of that kind of broken heart don’t heal so easily. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. But again, my apologies to the Other Woman for going below the belt and most of all to Mia for meddling in her business. I won’t be mentioning the Other Woman on this blog again out of respect for their privacy. And I also want to say that I believe her ex is a good father. He did make a tragic mistake but he loves their daughter immensely. To my readers who may be confused, I am writing this because the Other Woman is reading this blog. We know this because the post that follows upset her and she told her boyfriend (Mia’s ex) who called Mia immediately.

You thought the book was all I had up my sleeve?

Nah. I’m much crazier than that? Why launch just one project when you can have two? These earrings have been in the works for a few months now.  I am also working on a silver set of the new leaf necklace and earrings, which are coming in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out the new earrings in my Ms. Single Mama Shop.

And here is the lovely Mia modeling them for us…


Mia is doing well by the way. Her ex-boyfriend is still with the Other Woman. Yuck. I can’t even imagine being with a man who left his girlfriend and little daughter for me. I mean, really? Have you no self-respect Ms. Other Woman? I imagine her as some chick who could easily take a seat on Jerry Springer and blend right in with the scenery. I digress, sorry, still clearly fired up about all of it but so incredibly happy Mia is not with him anymore.

He doesn’t deserve her.

Not very many men do because Mia is a true spirit, a rare soul and someone who has the strength to grow and heal faster than I ever thought possible. We were talking the other night about the new single mom sympathy stares she’s receiving and the comments like, “Oh, don’t worry honey, you’ll find another one.”

Mia’s response? “Who says I want another one? Are you kidding me? I am loving this, loving being single – what if I never want another one again? Seriously. I think I may want to be single forever.” Her question prompted a big, long response from me – one which I’ll be featuring in Ms. Single Mama Uncensored. So stay tuned for that.

Married or not, if you have kids and you’re in a relationship date night is an absolute must. John Bear is amazing with Benjamin. So amazing in fact that I would be hard pressed to even find an issue to write about here. He is so patient and very aware of the parental learning curve he faces — as we all do when we suddenly have a child in our lives, whether they’re ours or not. But with that said I am three years and nine months ahead of him which means he needs and should have more breaks from the kid stuff than I do. I don’t want to overwhelm the guy. But to take breaks together, that’s another story all together.

Since we started dating he has always insisted on us having at least one date night a week, ideally two nights a week. At first that was tough for me to swallow. Taking an entire night off from everything seemed impossible, let alone two. But now, three months in – I look forward to our designated date nights as much as he does. It is clear to me now why they are so important. Tuesday, our typical date night is big around here, we both get all excited. But this Tuesday – we’re stumped. Where should we go? I was asking on Twitter and than John suggested letting all of you decide. So cast your vote here on where we should go tonight.

If you have a better idea, please leave a comment!

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