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by mssinglemama on June 30, 2009

As single moms can we really, truly be friends with married moms?

Absolutely we can.

single-momsFriendships are about a connection or a common bond – at least that’s how mine have all begun. With that said as a single mom I’ve found it harder to make new married mom friends. Maybe it’s just because we don’t swim in the same circles or maybe it’s because it’s hard to meet moms period.

Read this answer posted by Kelli on my single moms forum when I asked, “can single moms really be friends with married moms?”:

I think it’s hard to meet and form friendships with any type of Mom, whether married or single! I don’t know what it is, but I try and try and it is difficult!

We’re all just so busy. I think that’s one of the main reasons my tight circle of friends is now almost entirely made up of single moms. They’re as flexible as I am and very spontaneous. And we can sit around and talk about dating for hours which is huge.

With that said I’ve already met one of John Bear‘s friends who happens to be one half of a couple and I love her to death. She lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio but I’m already so excited to hang out with she and her husband again. I just loved them. And his sister and brother-in-law too – adored them.

For me, this is huge and I actually feel more of a need now, than ever before, to surround myself with married couples who are happy. Now I need to learn a new set of lessons.

I think that as we change as individuals our friendships stand to change. There are the deeper friendships that last a lifetime, fortunately I have quite a few of those, and there are those of mutual benefit.

My friendship with Mia is one of both. After I write this I’m going to dig through my closet so she has some work pants to wear today and last week when I had bronchitis she drove Benjamin to school every morning. She is like a sister to me. We have been friends since we were five. And now we are both single moms.

Her recent singleness has actually given our friendship a new life. No longer do I have to bite my tongue about her ex and now she has half as much free time to hang out with Benjamin and I. I’m not quite sure what my world would be like without Mia and we’ve been friends and will continue to be friend through whatever life throws at us but now that we’re both single moms we are talking more and seeing each other more.

So when I posed this question to the Momversation panel what I really wanted to know was, aside from those lifelong friendships, after you become a single mom or a married mom are you more inclined to befriend solo or coupled moms?

Watch this awesome discussion on Momversation to find out what they had to say:

And please check out the rest of the comments to the discussion on my single moms forum or leave a new comment here.

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