Smooth Operator

by mssinglemama on June 28, 2009

While the rest of the world continues to spin, with all of its good news and bad, there is one little universe that remains unchanged.

The universe of Benjamin, where he must – by now – have realized that he’s kind of cute.


He’s also learning how to play the adults in his life like a fiddle.

With just one pout of those puffy little lips, or one convincing, “newdea” – translation, “new idea” - he can enrapture you with his seemingly true tales of life as a three-year-old.

Somewhere along the road he used this little face to convince his mommy that “daddy said it was okay to pee pee in his diaper” and vice versa. He’s been pinning us both as “diaper push overs” and we’ve both been buying it for weeks.


This next photo, below, this is a photo of his victory smile. It’s the sly little crook of his mouth he whips out after he’s pulled a Don Corleone on your ass.


So if you run into this little man on the street and he starts telling you a tale that has anything to do with ice cream or Transformers and that story involves you or someone you know


whatever you do


do not be distracted by those eyes and that adorable little nose, or his pip squeaking Elmo-esque voice


because this guy has your number (and he knows it).

P.S. Any potty training tips would be appreciated. He’s going #1 just fine but just can’t make the jump to #2. And man, oh man, is this mommy fed up. I’ve tried bribing.  Big bribes. This week John Bear even bought him a Bumble Bee transformer but so far he won’t take the bait.

Check out more pictures from this weekend in my Recently photo album.


It’s been hot out (a contest).

Very hot. The nice, awesome folks at Baying Hound (a locally owned business here in Columbus) gave Benjamin and I some stainless steel drinking bottles so we can drink to our hearts content wherever we may go. I picked Pink Love.

Now it’s your turn.

Pop over to their site and surf through all of their beautiful reusable bottles, then come back here and leave a comment telling me which bottle you would like and if I draw your name – Baying Hound will send you that very bottle.

Good luck! Contest ends on Friday, July 3rd.

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