by mssinglemama on June 18, 2009

I have three brothers and two sisters.

You would think I’ve seen it all but I haven’t. Nope. Like this…

img_6600This thing Benjamin does when the mood strikes, or when we have a far distance to walk to in a rush. In this case we were dashing to a bush to so he could pee because the church was all locked and there were people praying very loudly in a room near the other bathroom.

So back to the thing.


Benjamin crouches down on all fours, starts growling and then starts leaping like a possessed person. Note the hooked hand that adds an extra special freak out effect.


It really, really creeps me out. And while other parents at the playground or wherever see this and say, “how funny” or “how cute”, I’m standing there like, “seriously? That doesn’t look totally freaky to you?”


And don’t try talking to him when he’s leaping or growling or whatever it is because he will only snarl back at you.


Thankfully when he’s all through my Benjamin comes back but it’s only to laugh at the expression on Mommy’s face.

And then I just want to kiss him up like crazy.


I would write more but I’m still sick. Turns out when you start your own business and become a full time blogger in the span of three weeks your body gets mad at you. The doctor says it’s bronchitis but it feels like the plague.

John Bear is sick too.


In the meantime, my best friend and recent single mom Mia has been writing – find her latest post in the single moms forum.


I took this picture of her last weekend. I just love her so much and it’s so hard to watch her go through this knowing there’s little I can do to actually take away the pain. I can’t tell her it will all be better soon because I know it won’t – it takes time.

And despite the time it takes to heal from what he did, it takes even longer to adjust to single motherhood.

Time though is a wonderful thing because it’s always, always moving. I remember when I would tell myself “just get through the next hour” and then it turned into “just get through the next day” and eventually “the next month”.

Now it’s the opposite, I want time to slow down so I can “enjoy this minute, enjoy this hour, enjoy it all because I’m home free.”

She’ll get there. She will.  And when she does we’ll go out and get shitfaced to celebrate. And I’ll say, “I told you it would all get better,” and she’d say, “I know, I know you did and it’s SO amazing.”

Until then go lend her your ear or your words.

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