Big Things

by mssinglemama on June 16, 2009

Big things, I tell ya, big things.

I can’t even begin to thank you all enough. Really. Your passion for my little life is quite extraordinary, and as more and more readers join us (many of them not even single moms) I’m thinking that this blog is transforming into a story for everyone. 

Something I’ve come to realize over the past few months is that Ms. Single Mama isn’t me – she is each of you – all of the single moms who have inspired me to write my thoughts here.

She is every single woman.

She is every single mother.

She, or he, is every person who wants to find themselves and follow their own path. 

But she also has a desire to change and to grow and above all, to make the best of her situation no matter how awful it can be.  As this blog continues to transform I want to make sure the single moms, my single moms, have a place to find each other so I’m launching a single moms forum.

All of the credit goes to John Bear though. He suggested I have a forum, I resisted, he suggested again and then again until finally I said, “okay, let’s try it.”

Then he made it… in just one night, just for us. 

And guess what I have realized?

Prince Charming

He does exist. But instead of a sword and a horse he has a laptop and knows code. 

Here’s a video explaining just what in the hell the forum is (John Bear had to explain it to me too and it took him weeks to convince me that this was a good idea, but finally I realized that he is totally right). This forum ROCKS. 

You are all going to love it, I just know it. 


As I mentioned in the video, the next batch of new leaf necklaces are here.

Some of you have said this necklace has a special energy or magic powers… well, that’s what happens when 100 strong women wear something at the same exact time. These are our little charms of strength. Just look at the new leaf photo album, I’m gathering pictures of all the single moms wearing one.

The winner of last week’s believe post (randomly drawn by my closed eyes and wandering finger is Busy Momma 66, who as it turns out is a new single mom with a very, very interesting blog.)   ).

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