The weekend

by mssinglemama on June 7, 2009

On Saturday morning John Bear (he now has a first name) and I headed up north to Cleveland for his cousin’s wedding. Between meeting his entire family and the ceremony we took a drive and made a few pit stops along the way.

The first to snap a shot of this

Cleveland skyline

and the second to pick up a wedding card at this place, with a giant robot outside


and tons of memories inside. 


Big Fun. Check the place out if you’re ever in Cleveland.


I could have spent the entire day in there, staring at those toys and remembering what it was like to be that young, that innocent. But when I look into his eyes I do feel completely young again, new almost. Like I’m starting over on a clean white sandy beach with not a soul in sight but his and Benjamin’s.

There’s a peace in finding this kind of a connection – a peace I may have lost hope of ever finding. But now it’s here and the only thing we can do is enjoy every moment.

After wishing we were 8 again, we headed to the reception pre-party at John Bear’s uncle Mark’s. It was here that I walked out onto the drive way and right into a total Bear bashing by this guy and this guy – John’s little (and single) brother and his brother-in-law.


Apparently the word is out about this blog and my little nick name for John. The Bear jokes would last the entire night. But John took it like any Bear would, he laughed and then sent a wink or two my way.

Between Uncle Mark’s and the wedding reception we stopped along the way to take a few glamour shots of our fabulous wedding outfits.



single mom ms single mama

At the reception we took our seats at table #7. More luck. I’m not quite sure what to do with all of it or where it’s coming from… but I can’t seem to shake it off.

Part of me thinks I’ve died and gone to heaven. 


As luck or fate would have it – I adored his family, each and every one of them. All I can hope is that they feel the same way about me because I’m thinking I may want to keep their John Bear.

We woke up Sunday morning and headed back to Columbus where we rescued our babysitter from Benjamin and headed straight to Athens for another kind of party.

Happy Birthday

Benjamin’s cousin’s third birthday party.


It feels like just yesterday that these two were just an idea, the little projects growing in their mommy’s tummies as my older sister and I gabbed on the phone about what baby clothes we’d bought or how long it would take our husbands to get the cribs together.


And now another story is here… another story entirely.

[I also want to point out the dude crouched under the pine tree with the camera – he’s my brother Ezra and he is awesome. This Friday he’s graduating with a Master’s. Being Ezra he told me about it today and being the proud big sister I am I have to be there to watch him finally make that walk.

Unfortunately that means I’ll be missing Morgan‘s wedding and her bachelorette party at the Hyatt in Lexington. Both the party and the ceremony will be broadcast live here – so tune in.] 


If you want some more good party reading check out my post about Benjamin’s third birthday party surprise and then the party for the kids (and adults) that followed.

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