So there’s this dog…

by mssinglemama on May 23, 2009

Meet Murphy.


Or Murph, the slobbery yet totally cute wonder pup who can tackle me in one pounce.

He belongs to the Bear.

Meet Benjamin.

He belongs to me (for now).

The two have yet to meet.

But when they do things could get a little crazy.

Benjamin has been obsessively asking for a dog for months – and not just any dog, he wants a white dog. Yeah. Freaky.

I can’t help but envision Benjamin’s face when he meets the Murph. And then my mind goes one step further and I have another vision — it’s a vision of all four of us playing in a park with some picnic food and a Frisbee or two. Maybe we have a house to go home to and maybe I’m pregnant again… maybe.

My dream man and Benjamin’s dream dog? Could it be?


But the “what if’s” are obviously still there and I’m biding my time until I bring this foursome together. It’s hard though. Really hard.

The mommy in me wants Benjamin to have a dog at his disposal not even to mention a man who adores him. The woman in me feels that this is so right. But my head is still leading the charge.

Forget getting attached to a dude/father figure – what about a dog?


Back up reading on single parent dating and introducing the kids/ attachment issues:

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