Our New Leaf

by mssinglemama on May 21, 2009

It’s here.


I have been wearing mine every day since it landed in my mailbox. When I opened it I gasped. It’s beautiful… and I still can’t believe this little seed of an idea has turned into a tattoo and now a real necklace that we can all wear together. I feel like we all created it together.

I know.


But I can’t help it. You’ll understand when you see it.

I know that if each of us wear this necklace we’ll find strength and comfort in knowing we’re not alone – the premise of my entire blog.

I took the features you loved about each one and merged them together. The price is right in the middle because of the extra leaf, the packaging, taxes and PayPal charges.

My New Leaf… and some big news

I Quit My Day Job (Oh, holy hell, people – look what you made me do!)

No seriously. It’s not your fault.

I’ve been thinking and stewing on this for months and months. I may end up working at a gas station or something in a few months but at least I can say I tried to break free – to live a dream of mine, to work for myself.

You may have noticed a crop of new ads on my site. It’s no coincidence. If you like me, it would be cool if you’d click on one or two right about now because I’ll be needing the extra pennies. I’m going to be a full-time blogger/ freelance writer/ stay at home working mommy/ totally broke crazy lady who quit her perfectly good day job.

It’s a risk. I know. And I’m a bit petrified but I believe in this blog, I believe in my readers and I know that we can grow our little community here even further. The more single moms we can find and inspire, the better.

The necklace is just a piece of this.

A symbol of my new leaf thanks to all of you turning over your own.

You are all my inspiration – in every day and in every moment. This is just the beginning…


See the New Leaf necklace!!!

NOTE: There are only 100 and I won’t actually be shipping them out until June 8th, so this is like a pre-order, okay? But it’s best to reserve yours now, if not you’ll have to wait until next month’s order. Eventually if the demand is high enough I’ll have a ton in stock and this won’t be an issue.

Who Won?

Over 100 of you left a comment to win one of these beautiful necklaces and over 300 of you cast your vote on what it should look like. I randomly picked the winner and she is… ALEXIS.

Congratulations… you will have an e-mail from me soon.

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