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by mssinglemama on May 17, 2009

I counted on this.


But not on this.


Jet lag, the remnants of a cold and a three-year-old’s inability to process the words, “stop hitting Nolan” have stolen my little guy away and replaced him with the kid you see above.

It’s been interesting.

We also went ziplining today… over a canyon. It was, as Kristin would say, “wicked.” There will be a video. In the meantime check out pictures on Kristin’s blog.

And apparently I came off as conceited by making fun of myself and the picture that makes me look like a model a few posts back.

For the record…

The light on my face makes my skin look perfect, which it’s not. My hand is placed perfectly across Benjamin’s chest, which is totally unrealistic. And my hair looks perfectly waved, which it never is.

The picture makes me look like I should be on a bottle of laundry detergent or something as a poster child for perfect mothers, which I am not. 

Please take it for what it is… me trying to be funny.

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